Solar Jeepney

Solar powered, from the top down.

100 Km

Electric Power Range

10 Hour

Fast Charge

Seats 20


45 Km/h

Top Speed

The iconic Jeepney has come of age. No more gas guzzling, no more harmful emissions, no more noise pollution.

Star 8 have introduced the Solar Jeepney to critical acclaim in the heartland, Manila. The take up will see some 100,000 units replace the aging combustion engine fleet over the coming three years. Seating 20 adults in comfort and style this model has already caught the eye of several other environmentally proactive governments around the world. With the capacity to travel approximately 100km on a full battery charge, and adding another 10-15km from the solar production during daylight hours, the solar Jeepney will be seen in many different countries very soon. It just makes sense…


  Open Closed Air Conditioned
Motor 16.6kW 16.6kW 16.6kW
Max speed 45 Km/h 45 Km/h 45 Km/h
Range 100 Kms 100 Kms 85 Kms
Battery 6V225Ah*12   2 sets battery 6V225Ah*12   2 sets battery 6V225Ah*12   2 sets battery
Charge Time 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Persons 20 Adults 20 Adults 20 Adults

Watch the Open and Closed Jeepney product videos

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