Solar Glass

An ideal integrated solution for all residential and commercial buildings.

Solar Glass windows are an ideal integrated solution for all residential and commercial buildings including high rises, warehousing, hotels and more. The Solar Glass window can be installed in place of the regular glazed window or in the building’s facade – or as curtain wall. Solar glass windows are double glazed, high strength, durable and transparent. They are available in dozens of colours and styles and have similar properties to traditional double glazed windows. For every 10 square meters of glass, your building can produce approximately 1 KW of power. Solar Glass in your building turns a dead spend into a revenue producing investment.


Solar Glass greenhouses – the perfect combination. As the agriculture industry becomes more high tech, the energy consumption increases dramatically, therefore being able to have a greenhouse cover its own energy costs while still offering the same growth conditions is becoming essential. Star8 Solar Glass is a perfect example of a building integrated photovoltaic application and can ensure that agriculture is truly sustainable as we move into the future.

Balustrades are the forgotten area of solar. With such a large amount of them in existence we can now turn them into an attractive source of energy using solar glass. With thin film solar glass not relying on a sun facing angle to have decent output – solar glass balustrades can take advantage of this and become a productive part of any building.

Skylights have always been an integral part of the wow factor in many buildings, but have been restricted in their use as a result of poor insulation qualities. Our solar glass changes this paradigm as a result of its excellent thermal properties in both winter and summer. This allows for larger skylight designs, which let more light into a building and generates valuable electricity on the way through.


Our Solar glass comes in a number of transparencies from 5% (more commonly used in curtain walls) right through to 30% transparency – used in regular window application and skylights. With a choice of warm and cool tones and a range of colours available,

Star 8 Solar Glass is a clear choice.

Star8 believes in continuous research and development which has enabled us to offer high quality innovative solutions to our customers in Melbourne and across the nation. Our solar products are highly recommended for both commercial and residential purposes and are tailored to suit the unique requirements of our clients.

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