Car Ports Solar

Taking advantage of large, previously under-utilized land areas.

With energy demand continuously increasing, along with the need for new and clean energy sources, solar energy is certainly going to be an important source of energy in future. Star8, solar carports enable large empty spaces or parking areas to be leveraged for the purpose of producing electricity.

Solar carports take advantage of large, previously under-utilized land areas that will now generate energy, provide shading and protection while still allowing light to penetrate. The carport designs enhance and add value to the parking spaces and will provide convenient charging stations for the growing electric car market. It just makes sense.

In recent years solar carports have gained popularity in the field of renewable energy and many solar integrators in Australia have already used solar carport products as part of a utility or commercial scale project.

In recent years Solar carports have gained popularity because they:

• Provide efficiencies in land use and utilize property to its fullest potential
• Provide reduction in energy costs and thus a financial return to cover the cost of carport construction.
• Reduced carbon footprints and enhances the value of a property.

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