Flexible Solar

A lightweight, flexible solar module.

FlexiSolar is a lightweight, flexible solar module. FlexiSolar is specifically designed for large surface areas such as commercial rooftop installations, enabling substantial solar installations without costly engineering reinforcements. FlexiSolar also serves as a ‘protective solar glove’ on roofs that are starting to degrade or which are subjected to corrosive environments.

FlexiSolar incorporates thin film solar technology that enables energy to be produced when the sun is low, through cloud cover and when installed at non-ideal angles, enabling more of the roof to be utilized and more power produced. Subject to location, five kilowatts of solar power can be generated from less than 80m2 of FlexiSolar.

FlexiSolar is simple to apply and is suitable for buildings that cannot support the weight of traditional solar panels or are located in situations of low direct sunlight.

FlexiSolar stays true to the design intent of the building – with no visual pollution.

Mono Flexi Solar

Star 8 MonoFlexi panels are the ultimate in lightweight, flexible, mono-crystalline solar. Constructed with highly efficient solar cells supported in a unique polymer, the panels have no metal backing and no glass components which allows for flexibility and significant weight reduction. Available in a range of sizes and perfect for camping or marine applications, you can now have solar power when and where you want it.

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